Welcome to the Future


A start of the year with Damian and Marcel. We talk about our plans for the new year. Not really new years resolutions but just plans that should be dealt with during the upcoming 12 months. Also, the joy of solo travelling. Finally our plans for the podcasts.


Happy end of the year. Get ready for all family business and free time. What are you going to do? We already started drinking and had our office party and the pub. Before that we recorded this podcast so you will have and excuse to spent an hour of your time wearing headphones.

Again we return to your earlubs. Talking about games from years ago. Board games but also games you play outside. Curbing, hide and seek and garden hoping. But also playing cards or weird games involving booze and totempoles. Quick introduction to werewolves and playing detective. Do you know other games we don’t know.

The three of us together again and we talk about the difficult topic of cake. What is cake and what is a biscuit or pie. Why does Damian don’t like a gevulde koek? Is apple pie the best creation of Dutch pastry. We discover our favourite cakes and biscuits and discuss tradition. Is a tompouche easy to eat and which cake should be served at your birthday party.

Damian and Marcel again talking about 3rd of October. What is this Leicden thing all about. Also storires about working at fairs and memories of dancing, drinking and losing money. Inside view about rigged games and how to get the best deals. Conclusion that carnaval people are one big family and it’s better that be friends with them.

Damian and Marcel get together while Richard is stuck in Krankenhaus. We talk about the collection of band shirts we gathered in the last bunch of years. Shirts of bands we saw live and not the Nirvana shirts you can buy at your local fashion center. We discuss our favorites and the rules attached to being a shirt collector.

It has been a while since we got together with the three of us. We did a really amazing one for you. It’s about fish at least that started to conversation. We also discuss Damian being attack but a army of seagulls robbing him of his sandwich. We shocked Richard with the knowledge about balcony smokers. Which was all us getting ready for Damian and Marcel meeting the most important Lobster in the world.

Richard had to go do important business so Damian and Marcel are back together doing the podcast. We decided to talk about education, teachers and life lessons. Who was the best student in class? and did Damian really ended up in detention that much? Hear all about it today. Also, get some important lessons that will improve your life and make you successful. Get rich fast and listen to the podcast now.

Damian and Richard have traded places again. Life is busy and strange sometimes. So meeting up to do a podcast is not easy. But we keep trying. Today we talk about beaches and other bodies of water. We talk about oceans, rivers, canals, and how you where trained to entertain yourself while you were young.

Richard has returned but Damian is skipping this one for unknown reasons. We start with the free festivals in Leiden and other parts of The Netherlands. Stories of previous editions a long time ago. After that, we continue talking about bikes. We have a lot of different bikes in The Netherlands. From a bakfiets to a bierfiets. With a motor and without. Why? And with is the difference. Is Richard already a proper Dutch biker?

Church, religion, and growing up. Damian and Marcel talk about their religious experiences in the past and today—also the meaning of Pinksteren and growing up watching Pinkpop. Damian explains the reason why he became a choir boy and it’s not to please his mother.

We continue on a topic which was mentioned last time, maps! Maps of roads, countries, city or just random things. It brings us back to trying to remember how Leiden station looked in the year 2000. Which buildings are still there and which once are long gone. Did that tunnel already exist and where did they managed to leave all those bikes. We also wonder how good are maps skills are and if we rather have paper instead of some google map on our phone.

We kick off with the return of Richard. We start off this podcast with annoying people. People that manage to trigger you and make your hair stand up. Also how the electric company is trying to steal your life. Damian is surprised by the one product shop in Amsterdam and the queues they cause. These shops sell you stroopwafels, and cookies but mainly candy shops. The big question this week why does Damian refuse to eat a frikandel from those cute windows from Febo?

Whether we like it or not, we carry the memories of people and places around with us. These memories change and cast new meaning as we go through our own lives.

Join us each episode for an hour or so of reflection and reminiscence, where we – Damian, Richard and Marcel – remember and retell memories of remarkable people in our own lives, and other elements of daily life that are no longer around.

The idea for the podcast was Richard’s book Flower Factory – which deals in part with the changes in the Netherlands between now and the year in which it is set, 2000. And of course the price of getting that bit older, watching the once familiar and comforting fade out of view.